OEM Load Cell – LSM250

The LSM250 is an OEM precision load cell with a side mounting feature and is perfect for OEM medical applications which require measurements in both tension and compression. The OEM load cell has a length of 3.78cm, width of 0.9652cm and height of 2.36cm making it ideal for tight spaces.

It is specifically built for low capacity applications, with an inbuilt overload protection of 10 times the capacity. This product is also easily customisable.

The FUTEK LSM250 is an OEM load cell for side mounting.

Firstly, it is specifically built for low-capacity applications. However, it has built in overload protection that provides the unit over 10 times the capacity that could take place during installation. This product also can be modified or customised to meet your exact requirements. Plus, like the entire FUTEK Load Cell product line, it uses metal foil strain gauge technology. Contact us for more information.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Ideal for OEM Tension & Compression applications
  • Single point construction
  • 10 times the capacity built in overload protection
  • Strain Gauge based
  • 1000 Ohm high resistance bridge
  • Weight: 28.35 grams


LSM250 OEM Load Cell for Side Mounting


Load CapacityThread sizeHeight in cm.Length in cm.Width in cm.Connection Types



1.112N#10-322.36 cm3.78 cm0.97 cmCable

Overload Protection


2.2241N#10-322.36 cm3.78 cm0.97 cmCableOverload Protection
FSH039254.4482N#10-322.36 cm3.78 cm0.97 cmCable

Overload Protection


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