Oil Quality Sensors for Preventative Maintenance

Sensors are used for Preventive Maintenance Measures on Power Transformers, Wind Turbines, Machinery and Engines.  They generally pick up the first change in the way the system is operating.  One of the first indicators is through the oil and lubricant being used by the machine.  Quality Oil Sensors pick up initial changes such as a change in temperature of operation.


Oil Quality Sensors are installed for preventative maintenance measures.  Preventive maintenance on engines, machines, gear boxes and bearings are essential monitoring services.  They are regularly conducted to recognise the health of the machine and pin point any changes and possible hazards.

Signal changes in the oil sometimes indicate contamination, water or additive consumption.  These changes can cause catastrophic events which may bring production to a complete halt. Firstly, it is beneficial for the organisation to recognise the issue and plan for the system to “come off line” make the fixes and re-install.  A few hours off line are better than a few days.

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Oil Sensor SystemOil Sensor System for Wind Turbines

Online Oil Sensor System (OilQSens)

Online Oil Sensor System (WearSens)
Real Time Condition Monitoring of high voltage transformer to provide a stable power grid and oil regeneration plants with high voltage insulation oil.

Real Time Condition Monitoring and Software of gearboxes, engines, bearings, wind turbines and hydraulic systems.


CMC Instruments provide analytical measurement technology for gases and fluids in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical industries.


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