Reverberation Time Solution RT60

The RT60 Reverberation Time Solution is a tool used for obtaining an accurate measurement of reflected sound in a room.

The easy setup enables reliable measurement for effective modification of room parameters and easy achievement of desired reverberation time.

Firstly, the Reverberation Time Solution consists of Dewesoft Data Acquisition Hardware with 160dB dynamic range.  Providing direct input of IEPE compatible microphones with TEDS automatics recognition.  The beauty of this DAQ System scale up for any number of microphones.  Also simple to calibrate with calibrator.

So what is Reverberation time?  It is time required for the sound to fade in a closed space.  Sounds in rooms bounce off all surfaces.  Such as floors, ceilings, walls, and windows.  Reverberation is when the reflections mix.  They reduce when the reflections hit surfaces that absorb sound such as people, chairs, curtains and carpet.

Reverberation Time is calculated as the time it takes for sound to decay by 60dB.  For example, sound in a room took 10 seconds to decay from 100dB to 40dB.  Therefore, the reverberation time would be 10 seconds.  Also written as the T60 time.

The ISO 3382 series of standards are used in the calculation of reverberation of time.  They define the methodology for determining T20, T30 & T60 values.  They also calculate uncertainty and reliability of values.

Features of Reverberation Time Solution includes:

COMPLIES FULLY WITH SUPPORTED STANDARDS: fully complies with the ISO 354 standard using the integrated response method.

DIRECT MICROPHONE INPUT: our top-of-the-class data acquisition hardware with 160 dB dynamic range allows direct input of IEPE compatible microphones with support for TEDS automatic recognition. Increase the number of microphones. Microphones are calibratable.

DIFFERENT EVALUATION RANGES: different evaluation ranges supported (T20, T30, and T60).

PARAMETER ESTIMATION: estimation of modal decay parameters from noisy measurements of reverberant and resonating systems using the Lundeby method for Cross Searches.

ABSORPTION COEFFICIENT CALCULATION: calculate the absorption coefficient and make a report with the provided report template.

LIFETIME FREE SOFTWARE UPGRADES AND SUPPORT: Dewesoft data acquisition systems come bundled with award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software. Dewesoft offer lifetime FREE software upgrades and technical support to all their users.

Secondly, the Dewesoft Software provides calculations of several parameter and then outputs them as separated channels.  Calculations include

  • T- Measured reverberation time
  • ETC- Sound Energy time curve
  • Octave time data – octave analysis select from 1/1 or 1/3 octave
  • Line Fit – fitted curve on the energy time curve
  • Plus it measures impulse response such as a balloon popping and absorption coefficient calculation.


Read more about this an application for the acoustic measuring of car interiors here or contact us for more information.


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