Rugged Display 15” ARD15

The ARD15 is a 15” Rugged display. Weighing approximately 2.94Kg, this lightweight solution is used in combat and tactical vehicles, mobile shelters and space restricted naval spaces.

It is a full featured, proven, combat ready display with a wide variety of standard options that can also be customised to your requirements

Argon ARD15 is a 15” Rugged Display suitable for a variety of Defence or Harsh Industrial applications.

Firstly, the ARD15 features a 15” diagonal display with a 1024 x 768 XGA Resolution providing supreme picture quality. It is rugged in construction, compact in size and flexible in configuration.

Secondly, the ARD15 is designed to meet a range of applicable Military Standards for environmental performance. Argon uses the latest common modern commercial technologies in order to create a path for long term availability and sustainability.

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Main features of the Rugged Display 15” ARD15 include:

  • Extremely small mechanical outline and thin bezel dimensions
  • Low Weight of 2.94 kg
  • NVG Compatibility (Option)
  • Customisable User Controls and Connectors
  • Fully enclosed unit Sunlight Readable (Option)
  • Analog Resistive Touch Screen (Option)
  • Programmable Bezel Buttons (Option)
  • Wide Variety of Mounting Options


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