Rugged Display 21.3” ARD21

The ARD21 is a Rugged Display with a large viewable surface area, slim bezel, designed to operate in tough conditions. The TFT LCD Display with LED backlighting provides clear crisp information and images to allow you to make the next well informed Military decision.

It is a FFF replacement for legacy 20.1” Rugged Displays

The Argon ARD21 is a 21.3” Rugged Display suitable for airborne applications.  Such as Naval command and control consoles, combat and tactical vehicles, mobile shelters and other applications.  It provides a maximum large viewable surface area in the smallest of mounting configurations.

The ARD21 has a slim bezel, flexible mounting configurations; configurable I/O and universal AC/DC power supply make it a valuable solution for many mission critical applications.

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Other features of the Rugged Display 21.3” ARD21 include:

  • 19” Rack Mounting, 8U/9U Height and 7.11cm depth
  • Range of input configurations – analog RGB / DVI / Video /Other
  • Low Power Consumption – 65W at 450 Nits (Typical)
  • 7.12kg light weight
  • Fully Enclosed and designed to meet range of MIL STDS Mil-S-901D qualified
  • Optional Items include: Analog Resistive Touch Screen, 750 Nits Brightness Screen, Bezel Buttons and much more.


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