Rugged Embedded Computer RE1739

The Rugged Embedded Computer RE1739 is equipped with CPU and GPU technology and provides enhanced mission performance.  This compact computer can also withstand extreme environments making it perfect for defence applications

The Crystal Group Rugged Embedded Computer RE1739 is equipped with CPU and GPU technology.  As a result, it provides enhanced mission performance.  This compact computer is ideal for signal processing and autonomous vehicle sensor processing and inference. As well as other demanding applications that require seamless operations in high-temperature and high-vibration environments.  It comes complete with an integrated DC power supply ideal for low voltage vehicle applications.

Key Features of the Rugged Embedded Computer RE1739 include:

  • Modular chassis that accommodates several micro-ATX motherboard / processor configurations
  • Rack, Bulkhead or Try Mount Options
  • Up to 6 x 7 or 9mm SSD Storage options including removable drives
  • Several DC input options and 120-240 VAC
  • Lightweight at approximately 9.1 – 11.8 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 15.3cm H x 41.4cm W x 33cm D.


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