Rugged Server 1.5U

Rugged Servers 1.5U have proven reliability and computing performance in extreme and unpredictable environments.  They are critical for successful execution of combat, sonar and electronic warfare applications across all domains, including cyber.

  • Rugged 1.5U Server, rack mounted up to 53.34cm depth (21″)
  • Engineered to meet modern Defence needs
  • Open architecture, improved reliability and superior cooling
  • Drop in replacement requiring no physical, software or electrical modifications for aging 1U/1.5U Systems

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Rugged 1.5U Server

There are two Rugged Server 1.5U models currently available.

Rugged 1.5U Server - Twin ServerRUGGED TWIN SERVER


Twin computer in 1.5U, two motherboards

Four removable U.2 NVME SSDs

Ideal for Rugged Compute Intense Applications such as: Combat, Sonar, Electronic Warfare across all domains including Cyber.

Rugged 1.5U Server Legacy Replacement



Replacement model for Legacy items at 44.3cm (18”) and 11.34 Kg

Four removable U.2 NVME SSDs

Ideal for successful execution of: Combat, Sonar, Electronic Warfare across multiple configurationsin the TI20 Program


The Crystal Group model RS1.532l21X2F is a Rugged Server 1.5U with a difference. Firstly, it contains two motherboards. This enables dense SWAP capability. Secondly, it contains a GPU and networking system with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This delivers a secure, near zero latency at the tactical edge.

Features of the RS1.532L21X2F 1.5U Rugged Twin Server include:

  • Rugged 1.5U, 21″ Deep Rack Mounted Dual Node, front I/O server
  • Lightweight aluminium construction 12.7-14.5 Kg
  • Shared 1500W Power Supply, operates off 110/220V 50/60Hz AC or 180-350VDC
  • Dense SWAP Capability with dual socket motherboards per chassis
  • 2nd Gen Intel Scalable Processors up to 125W each
  • Four removable U.2 NVME SSDs
  • Four low profile HHHL PCIe x 16 slots, plus 2xSIOM modules with up to 8 ports of network connectivity per chassis
  • 4X USB 3.0; 2X VGA; 2X Gigabit IPMI
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-167-1A, MIL-STD-461

For full specifications, download the brochure. Or contact us.


Firstly, Model RS1.549S18 is field tested, failsafe and long life performance in extreme conditions. And as processing performance continues to improve, Crystal Group is dedicated to minimise the SWaP envelope of the RS1.549S18.

The RS1.549S18 is designed, meticulously manufactured, and tested to provide a low-risk path for military technology insertion, sustainment, and modernisation programs to improve mission uptime and system availability in the field and at the tactical edge. Measuring just 45.72cm deep and weighing approximately 11.4Kg, the new rack-mount server quickly and easily replaces aging systems in 1.5U/1U configurations.It contains a high-end computing performance in a 1.5U chassis. With a depth of 45.72 cm (18″) which fits most any rack space. Crystal Group’s RS1.549S18 is a highly reliable rugged server. Ideal for combat, sonar and electronic warfare applications on land, sea and air. Therefore, this 1.5U server offers greater weapons system availability and a smaller integrated logistic support footprint. Because it has superior cooling and shock/vibe resistance.

Features of the RS1.549S18 1.5 Rugged Server include:

  • SWFTS-T120-C04-1 Compliant Chassis
  • Rugged 1.5U, 18″ Rack Mounted Server
  • Lightweight aluminium construction weighing 11.4 Kg
  • 256 GB of Memory
  • Easy front access CMOS battery drawer
  • 5 x USB 3.0, VGA, 2 x Gigabit LAN, IPMI, Serial
  • Versatility with up to nine FIPS 140-2 removable 2.5″ SSD Bays
  • Intel Xeon ES-2659L Processors

For full specifications, download the brochure. Or contact us.

Rugged 1.5 Twin Server Brochure

Rugged 1.5U Server for TI20 Program Brochure