SensorPrints IoT Data Authentication

SensorPrints™ is the sole IoT data authentication platform for low power wireless sensors. The software “fingerprints” IoT sensor data which is read at the server. Create and Collect data with full coverage security from generation to analysis.

Firstly SensorPrints IoT Data Authentication Software authenticates data by issuing a unique fingerprint for each device within the IoT. It is easy to install and use. Provides the perfect security solution.

How it operates:

It authenticates data at both the point of generation and consumption. Creating trust between the sensor and server levels. It implements a 256-bit SHA3 authentication or “fingerprint” for a Monnit Wireless Sensor. It contains an authenticated sensor message. When data is transmitted from the sensor, it is accompanies by a generated authentication token. When received the token is evaluated by cryptographic has function against the unique sensor secret key. This step provides full coverage of security.

Ideal for those wishing to secure their IoT devices and data. SensorPrints IoT Data Authentication Features Include:

  • Unprecedented data security via 256-bit SHA3 authentication
  • Native iMonnit integration for the rapid deployment of a trust-based solution
  • Open sensor data via the Monnit MINE™ platform supports aggregators (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Azure, etc.) or a user’s proprietary IoT platform
  • Source generated data verification at the application layer
  • Reseller ready through Monnit IoT vantage partner platform


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