Stainless Steel Reaction Torque Sensor TDF600

The TDF600 is a Reaction Torque Sensor with a flange square drive. It offers a unique solution for auditing and calibrating mechanical torque wrenches used in production and automated assembly applications.

Manufactured from 17-4 Stainless Steel and with an aluminium cover.

The FUTEK TDF600 is a stainless steel Reaction Torque Sensor.

Firstly, the TDF Sensors are used as auditing and torque wrench calibration tools. The TDF Torque sensor can verify the precision of a torque wrench. FUTEK is equipped with A2LA accredited calibration lab. This supports critical applications related to torque wrench calibration tools.

Secondly, like the majority of FUTEK sensors it uses metal foil strain gauge technology. It can also be modified to meet your requirements.

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Other outstanding features include:

  • Integrates into OEM applications
  • Designed for Torque Auditing
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Strain Gauge Based


Stainless Steel Reaction Torque Sensor TDF600


Torque CapacityTorque Sensor TypeMounting TypeOutput TypeHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cm
FSH04069135.582 N-mReactionFlange, Square DriveMv/V


7.92 cm10.03 cm

7.87 cm


271.164 N-mReactionFlange, Square DriveMv/V


7.92 cm10.03 cm7.87 cm
FSH04071677.909 N-mReactionFlange, Square DriveMv/V


8.71 cm10.03 cm

7.87 cm


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