Temperature Transmitter Accessories

Acromag has a range of Temperature Transmitter Accessories.  This includes back panels, transmitter carriers (some with alarms), USB and Specialty Cables, DIN Rail Mounting Kits and accessories, DIN Rail Bus Power Connectors, Power Supplies and USB Isolators.

Acromag do recommend using their USB Isolator with their transmitters; as it provides a high voltage isolation barrier between a computer and a connected USB device.


Acromag have a variety of Temperature Transmitter Accessories available. For more information on the products displayed, contact us.

Temperature Transmitter Accessories


Cables, Converters & Adaptors

Specialty Cables for Temperature TransmittersUSB Cables for Temperature Transmitters

5030 Series: Specialty Cables

Various USB Cables


Mounting Hardware for Temperature Transmitters

19 Inch Rack Mount Kit for DIN RailDIN Rail End StopsDIN Rail Type T
20RM-16-DIN a 19” Rack Mount Kit with DIN Rail

4001-252: DIN Rail End Stops

DIN Rail Type T

Mounting Accessories for RTD Temperature Transmitters

ST130 Mounting Accessories


Power BUS Connectors

DIN Rail Bus Power Connector

TTBus-Kit which is a DIN Rail Bus Power Connector


Power Supplies

Power Supplies for Temperature Transmitters

PSR5: Slim line Power Supplies


USB Isolators for Temperature Transmitters

USB Isolator for Temperature Transmitters

USB Isolator



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