TTL Level Digital Output Module IP470A

The IP470A has 48 bi-directional input and output channels. The inputs are TTL compatible with CMOS compatible open drain outputs. Interrupt support is on each channel for error free edge detection.

This product is used for a range of applications. Typical use is monitoring and control of critical digital devices in industrial automation and control industries.

The Acromag IP470A is a TTL Level Digital Output module that contains 48 general purpose bidirectional I/O points to monitor and control a large quantity of digital devices. Each channel has interrupt capability for detecting low to high or high to low transitions. Change of state interrupts are supported using paired channels. Whilst, debounce eliminates interrupts from noise and switching transients for error free edge detection.

This module is full featured. It has socketed pull ups and provides closed loop readback status monitoring. The TTL level thresholds and a 15mA sink capability enable a direct interface to standard relay racks. Plus, for safety, the outputs go to a failsafe state upon power up or reset without any toggling. Therefore, preventing any false alarms.

Features of the TTL Level Digital Output Module IP470A include:

  • 48 bidirectional input/output channels
  • TTL-compatible inputs
  • CMOS-compatible open-drain outputs
  • Interrupt support for each channel
  • Input debounce
  • Electronic overvoltage protection on individual channels
  • Open drain outputs with socketed pull-ups
  • Output readback registers
  • 0 to 70°C (IP470) or -40 to 85°C (IP470E model).


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