USB Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner USB225

FUTEK’s USB225 is a streamlined, single unit signal conditioner. It has a simple plug and play connection that eliminates the need for an external power supply, analog signal conditioner as well as display equipment. The risk of failure has been minimised through fault detection features. Which continuously monitor the sensor’s health and indicate any issues.

The USB225 is an upgraded version of the popular USB220. However, it features a slimmer profile and improved performance and capabilities.

The USB225 is a plug and play USB Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner.  Firstly, it contains some unique features.  Such as a high resolution up to 20 Noise-Free Bits, a high sampling rate of up to 4,800 SPS as well as innovative fault detection and health checks.


Secondly, it supports mV/V inputs from strain gauges, load cells, torque, displacement, and pressure sensors.  The power consumption of the device is as low as 32mA with in rush current below 500mA.  Therefore, making it compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 Connectivity.

The USB supports lower resistance or parallel bridges.  Plus, the connector is designed to have a higher pitch than the previous version (USB220).  Therefore, making it easier to attach wires.  Shunt resistance can be chosen from among 43 kOhm, 60.4 kOhm and 150 kOhm.

This model has exceptional non-linearity of less than 0.002% of FSR, making it the lowest of any of FUTEK’s high precision sensors and electronics.

Thirdly, the USB225 has multiple fault detections.  It provides live feedback that the sensor is active, connected and able to perform the measurement through the LED indicator and through FUTEK SENSIT™ Software.  The LED is located at the corner of the device.  This ensures visibility from 180°, signals solid green for normal operating mode and changes to blinking read if it detects any shorts or open circuits at the bridge.


USB Comparison between USB225 and USB220


Finally, this device is tiny.  With a height of 7.8mm x length of 60.9mm and width of 26.6mm – making it flexible and portable.  It can be used with sensors that measure load, torque or pressure. And standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports or adaptors can be used as the power source.  USB225 is compatible with FUTEK’s latest SENSIT Software version, SENSIT 2.7 or newer.

Features of USB Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner USB225 include:

  • High Resolution of up to 20 Noise-Free bits
  • 4,800 SPS High Speed Sampling Rate
  • Compatible with USB 3.0 Connectivity
  • Non-Linearity of less than 0.002% of FSR
  • Multiple Fault Detection Devices


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