Biaxial Load Sensor MBA400

The FUTEK MBA 400 Series is Biaxial Load Sensor. This Multi-Component Bi-Axial Load Arm offers an excellent solution for measuring Fx and Fy Loads. It is made from robust 17-4 Stainless Steel, weighs only 453 grams, and offers a compact design. The Multi-Component Bi Axial Load Arm has high accuracy with a Nonlinearity of ±.1%.

The MBA400 can be modified or customised to meet your requirements. Similar to FUTEK’s entire Multi-Component Load Cell product line this model is manufactured in USA and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

Features include:

  • Measures Fx and Fy loads
  • Ideal for high speed planar force measurements for automation systems
  • Ideal for embedded automotive and aircraft control stick force measurement




ItemLoad Capacity Newtons (N)Mounting TypeLength in cmHeight in cmWidth in cm

Outer Diametre in cm


222.411 NFlange, Shaft5.02928.435.02925.0292
FSH04054889.644 NFlange, Shaft5.02928.435.0292



889.644 NFlange, Shaft5.02928.435.02925.0292
QSH01617222.411 NFlange, Shaft5.02928.435.02925.0292
QSH01643222.411 NFlange, Shaft5.02928.435.0292


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Finally, FUTEK is a manufacturer of specialty Load Cells, Force Sensors, Multi Axis Sensors, Torque and Pressure Sensors and a range of instrumentation and accessories.


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mba400 Spec Sheet