VPX 6U NVIDIA Tesla Image Processing Board

WOLF’s Model VPX6U-TESLA-P6-DUAL-HPC is a dual NVIDIA Tesla Pascal P6 Graphics Board. This Tesla Pascal™ based board features advanced parallel processing, 12.4 TFLOPS, High Performance Compute (HPC) Mode and GRID™ vGPU Virtualisation in a rugged 6U VPX Module.

With its impressive processing power, it is an excellent choice for Aerospace and Defence applications.  Such as Advanced Parallel Processing, Video stabilisation, Image Processing, Terrain Analysis, Object Tracking or 3D Visualisation of Geospatial Data.

Choose your level of ruggedisation from the choice of Rugged Air Cooled or Conduction Cooled Models


Image Processing is now not a problem.  As the  WOLF Model VPX6U-TESLA-P6-DUAL-HPC is a dual NVIDIA Tesla P6 16nm FinFET Graphics Board with amazing inbuilt image processing capability.  It consists of two advanced NVIDIA TESLA Pascal™ 16nm GPU.  Plus it includes support for NVIDIA’s HPC mode.  This feature exposes a large memory base address register (BAR) for direct access to the GPU Memory from the CPU and other PCIe devices.


Key Features of the VPX 6U NVIDIA TESLA Image Processing Board are:

  • Error Correcting Code (ECC) to protect against memory errors
  • 32 GB GDDR5 memory with NVIDIA GPUDirect™ DMA technology
  • PCIe x16 Gen3
  • 4096 CUDA Cores, CUDA Toolkit 9 and OpenCL™
  • Windows & Linux Drivers


The board implements PCie x 16 Gen3, with a flexible, highly configurable PCIe interfaces, supporting a variety of OpenVPX profiles enabling a broad range of bridge link configurations.

This NVIDIA TESLA Image Processing Board has a high level of ruggedisation.  Its cooling capability consists of the options of Rugged Air Cooled or Conduction Cooled.  This enables it to perform in the harshest of environments.  Such as temperatures from -40° to +65°C; be exposed to 5G peak vibrations and survive shock at 20G Peak.  Plus the board offers the convenience of front and rear I/O configurations.

Learn more about this advanced technology by downloading the spec sheet. For more information, contact us.  Or to view other 6U VPX Graphics Cards, click here.

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