Wireless Air Quality Sensors

Particulate Matter is particle pollution that can irritate the lungs and eyes. The numbers beside indicates size.

These Wireless Air Quality Sensors measures the Particulate Matter often found inside mines, production facilities, commercial kitchens and business buildings.

Monnit Wireless Air Quality Sensors measures particulate matter that is course (PM10), fine (PM2.5) and Ultrafine (PM1). The finer the particles the more damage can be done to the organs.

Firstly, if the PM levels exceeds from user set thresholds, then designated personnel are alerted via text, email or by phone call. This information can be used to support Human Resources and Healthcare professionals for maintaining regulatory worksite compliance.

Secondly, these sensors are a 15 minute installation. Available in one model – battery powered with optional line power. This product contains a small fan that collects an air sample. PM content is measured with a laser that scatters based on the number and size of particles suspended in the sample.

Applications include:

  • Building & Room Air Quality
  • Pollution Sensing
  • Mine and Quarries
  • Cement Factories
  • Construction & Demolition Sites
  • Energy Exploration & Production
  • Agricultural Facilities
  • Waste Treatments Plants

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Wireless Air Quality Sensors

Wireless Air Quality Sensor
Industrial Wireless

  • AA Batteries or line powered
  • Up to 7 years battery life



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