Wireless Water Detect Sensors

The Wireless Water Detect Sensors monitors water presence in a wide variety of facilities and locations.

This sensing device determines potential water damage by detecting leaks, flooding and pooling.

Monnit Wireless Water Detect Sensors for any facility area including restrooms, kitchen, server, boiler rooms and production lines.

Firstly, place it under or near the area of concern. When the Sensor’s lead contacts water, an internal circuit is completed. This triggers the sensor’s integrated RF radio to push water status data to iMonnit Software. Which will instantly send an alert to users via text, e-mail or call for correction.

Secondly, these sensors are a 15 minute installation. Available in three models – Power of Ethernet, Enterprise AA Battery and a weather resistant industrial grade sensor versions.

Applications include:

  • Data or Server Room leak
  • Frozen or burst pipe monitoring
  • Reservoir level monitoring
  • monitoring Water Heater Leak detection
  • monitoring Sink & Toilet leak
  • Storage unit monitoring
  • Water intrusion monitoring


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Wireless Water Detect Sensors

Wireless Water Detect Sensors Enterrprise Model Enterprise Wireless


  • Battery Powered AA
  • Up to 10 years battery life




Industrial Water Detect Sensors Industrial Wireless


  • Industrial Battery
  • Up to 7 years battery life




Wireless Water Detect Sensors with WiFi Wi-Fi Water Detection Sensor


  • Small Businesses
  • Uses existing Wi Fi





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