Providing Automotive Test, Sensors and Monitoring Equipment

Metromatics has had considerable experience providing major car manufacturers and automotive development centres the right equipment to allow on-road, durability, combustion analysis and e-mobility testing on vehicles.

Metromatics provide the latest accelerometers, torque sensors and load cells to provide you the accuracy you require for your vehicle tests.

Drive by Systems Testing in Vehicles

Major Australian Car Manufacturers and Vehicle Development Houses required an automotive testing system that would monitor noise and vibration of development vehicles and determine the safe level for towing capacity.

Metromatics supplied them the DEWESoft Sirius and DEWESoft X2 Software which enabled important parameters to be calculated online as the test was being performed notifying the driver of the vehicle whether the test has passed or failed.

Precise Fuel Measurement in Racing Cars

V8 Racing is a big sport in Australia and the support crews calculate and monitor every detail from engine performance to fuel efficiency. One of the Engineering Crews needed a highly accurate fuel gauge. Metromatics supplied them with Futek Load Cells which now enables them to measure fuel flow rate at pit stops and calculate precisely when the vehicle will need to return back to pit stop for a top up.

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