3-Channel Signal Conditioner 4020

Model 4020 is processor controlled 3 channel signal conditioner for both charge mode and IEPE sensors. When used with charge mode sensors, the model 4020 incorporates a charge amplifier and when used with IEPE sensors, units incorporate an integral 4 or 10mA user selectable current source with 20 VDC compliance voltage.

The Dytran 4020 Model is a 3-Channel signal conditioner.

Firstly, this instrument has a user friendly interface. It enables programming input and output sensitivity. The instrument can then calculate the amplifier gain. All gain selections are stored in non volatile memory and reinitialised when power is applied. Gain can also be entered directly if desired.

Secondly, for each channel the model4020 uses 12-bit DACs to set amplifier gains from 0 to 999.0 with 0.5% precision. Amplifier gains can be changed on the fly without damage to the instrument. Also a rear panel voltage selector switch allows selection of input power.

Features include:

  • 3 Channels Signal conditioner for both charge mode and IEPE sensors
  • Records amplifier gains
  • 1.5Kg weight


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3-Channel Signal Conditioner Amplifier 4020

4020‘3 Channel PE/IEPE signal conditioner amplifier, 20.96 cm w x 8.25cm ht x 23.50 cm deep, designed to be used with PE/IEPE sensors, variable gain adjustment, integral user selectable current source, 100/115/230V, 50–60 Hz, rear panel switch selectable, CE, weight 1.5 kg



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