3U VPX Carrier for XMC Modules VPX4812A/VPX4814A

The VPX4812A is a 3U VPX switch card allowing a host CPU to communicate with up to 3 downstream cards in addition to the XMC Card. Each VPX port can be configured to be x4 or x8. Whereas the VPX4814A is a peripheral XMC carrier board designed to be used in a system that uses Acromag’s VPX AcroExpress® CPU.

Used in high performance Industrial, Defence, Communications and Scientific Research applications requiring high speed I/O expansion.

The Acromag VPX4812A and VPX4814A are a 3U VPX Carrier for XMC Modules.

Firstly, both these models provide a simple solution for interfacing a XMC module to a VPX Computer System. The carrier card works by routing power and bus signals to a plug in mezzanine module. This is through the VPX slot connector. Industrial I/O and configurable FPGA modules from Acromag or other vendors are supported.

The VPX4812A and VPX4814A are available in three versions: Air cooled, conduction cooled and ruggedised enhanced design implementation (REDI VITA 48)

Features of the VPX4812A and VPX4814A 3U VPX Carrier for XMC Modules includes:

  • PCIe bus 8-lane Gen 1 or 2 interface
  • Supports standard XMC modules (IEEE 1386.1)
  • Conforms to VPX VITA 46.0, 46.4, and 46.9 specifications and optionally VITA 48
  • Supports front or rear panel XMC I/O
  • Rear I/O is compliant to VITA 46.9 X24s+X8d+X12d
  • +12V and –12V provided to XMC site
  • Monitors FRU information and module temperature


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