3U VPX Embedded GPU Module VPX3U-AD5000E-VO

Discover unparalleled performance with WOLF’s VPX3U-AD5000E-VO, a rugged 3U VPX embedded GPU module equipped with NVIDIA RTX™ ADA technology and a PCIe Gen4 Switch.

Ideal for high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in Aerospace and Defence, this cutting-edge solution offers advanced processing capabilities.

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Read on to learn why this GPU module is a game-changer for your computing needs.

Introducing the VPX3U-AD5000E-VO: The Game-Changer in 3U VPX Embedded GPU Modules


Elevate Your Aerospace & Defence Applications with Unmatched GPU Performance

Looking for exceptional performance in high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications? Meet the WOLF VPX3U-AD5000E-VO, a rugged 3U VPX Embedded GPU Module that’s not just another piece of hardware—it’s your next competitive edge.

Why Choose VPX3U-AD5000E-VO?

  1. Cutting-Edge NVIDIA RTX Ada Architecture: Harness the power of CUDA and Tensor cores for HPEC and AI, respectively, in the most demanding Aerospace and Defence scenarios.
  2. Efficiency Like Never Before:  NVIDIA’s custom manufacturing process delivers unparalleled performance per watt—now clocking higher frequencies at the same power from previous versions.
  3. Cooling Excellence: Experience superior performance with WOLF’s advanced cooling technology, ensuring the most efficient heat dissipation for your operations.
  4. Tensor and Ray Tracing Cores: 4th Gen Tensor Cores and 3rd Gen Ray Tracing cores for impeccable visual rendering and computational power.
  5. Multi-OS Support: Compatible with both Windows and Linux drivers, offering versatility in deployment.
  6. Robust and Rugged: Conduction-cooled with an operating temperature ranging from -40° to +85°C, ensuring operational integrity in the toughest environments.

Features that Set WOLF Apart

Like WOLF’s previous generation of 3U VPX Embedded GPU Modules, the VPX3U-AD5000E-VO offers:

  • High-level ruggedisation
  • Support for CUDA-X AI and CUDA-X HPEC libraries
  • SOSA Aligned profile support


But it takes performance to an entirely new level with its improved efficiency and advanced cooling technology.

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