WOLF’s Model VPX3U-ORIN-SBC is a powerful Single Board Computer “Pocketknife” Module which consists of an integrated NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™, a PCIe Gen4 Switch all in 3U SOSA Aligned SBC profile.

With its impressive processing power, it is an excellent choice for Aerospace and Defence applications. Such as C5ISR applications with a cyber secure computer node for advanced AI and HPC processing capabilities.

The WOLF VPX3U-ORIN-SBC (WOLF-14T1) is a 3U VPX SBC (Single Board Computer) profile.  That meets the needs of demanding C5ISR applications.  It provides a secure compute node with advanced AI and HPC processing capabilities, high data transfer rates and the cyber security features required to ensure data is protected.

Firstly, the NVIDIA Orin’s embedded Ampere GPU provides CUDA cores and Tensor Cores for data processing, deep learning inference, machine vision, audio processing and video encoding/decoding.  The 2048 CUDA cores provides FP and Int for processing.  Whilst the 64 Gen3 Tensor cores provides the underlying architecture of deep learning inference computing.

Secondly, additional features of the AGX Orin GPU include 2 x Deep Learning Accelerators (DLA) v2 engines with MST DisplayPort or HDMI output.  In addition, a vision accelerator engine for 7-way VLIW for Vision processing and a dedicated programmable audio processor.

WOLF’s advanced cooling technology moves heat using a low weight, high efficiency path from the hot chip’s die to the wedgelocks.

Key Features of the 3U VPX SBC Profile Model VPX3U-ORIN-SBC are:

  • NVIDIA ORIN 64GB Embedded Ampere GPU with 2048 CUDA Cores (5.3 TFLOPS) & 64 Gen3 Tensor Cores (275 TOPS Int8)*
  • Embedded 12-core NVIDIA Cortex ARM64 CPU 2.2GHz
  • PCIe Gen4 Switch
  • 1TB NVMe on board, SATA Gen2 interface
  • Module power: configurable from 50W-90W


The rugged HPC performs in rugged environments. Operating in temperatures from -40° to +85°C, exposed to 10G peak vibrations and survive shock of 40G

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