4-20mA Loop Power Isolator 340i

The 340i accepts a process current input and provides an isolated 4-20mA process output signal.

The 10 to 36V DC @ 20mA is loop powered and a 1500V AC peak isolation DC prevents ground loops from occurring.

The Acromag 340i is a 3 Wire 4-20mA Loop Power Isolator.

Firstly, this mode uses transformer isolation. Which effectively breaks the electrical path between transmitted signal and receiving device. This eliminates ground loops, reduces noise and protects against transients for more accurate and reliable measurements.

Secondly, this product is easy to install. All units are factory calibrated for loads. This eliminates any need for load trim adjustments. Also, up to 8 isolators at a location can share a single Acromag 35PS Power supply. Therefore, providing a more convenient and cost effective solution.

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Other outstanding features of the 4-20mA Loop Power Isolator include:

  • Accurate and Stable to provide reliable measurements in harsh environments
  • 1500V AC Peak Isolation (250V AC or 354V DC Continuous) prevent ground loops
  • RFI and Emi resistance which minimises the effects of environmental noise
  • Compact house uses less space for easier installation into control panels
  • Low power consumption prevents expensive upgrades to larger power supplies
  • 25mS response time delivers updates quickly to monitoring and control systems


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