KLV Microsecond Timestamp HD SDI Inserter 6041K

Take video synchronisation and timestamping to a whole new level, with the Kronos HD Model 6041K offering unparalleled precision and versatility. Whether you’re using an external IRIG B reference or its internal GPS receiver, the 6041K ensures accurate time synchronisation to the tune of 2 µsec for each vertical sync event in your SDI video stream.

Compliant with MISB 605.3 standards, it seamlessly embeds microsecond timestamps into KLV packets on VANC line 9 of each video frame. Moreover, it accommodates both HD and 3G SDI video sources per SMPTE 292M/424M, making it a highly adaptable solution for your high-precision video needs.

Explore this page further to discover how the Kronos HD can redefine accuracy and performance in your video processing workflow.

Introducing the Ultimate KLV Microstamp Timecode Inserter: Kronos HD Model 6041K

Are you struggling with video synchronisation issues or concerned about the accuracy of your timestamps? Look no further than the Kronos HD 6041K, the most advanced KLV Microstamp Timecode Inserter available on the market. This isn’t just another timestamp inserter; it’s a powerhouse.  Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance.

Why Choose the Kronos HD Model 6041K?

1. Unbeatable Accuracy: The 6041K guarantees microsecond-precise timestamps, down to 1±1 usec when synchronised to its internal 12-channel GPS receiver. When aligned to an external IRIG B source, the accuracy still holds at an impressive 3±2 microseconds.

2. Versatile Video Format Support: Whether you’re dealing with 720p, 1080i, or 1080p video streams, this device intelligently decodes and adapts to various frame rates, seamlessly inserting KLV packets without requiring any manual intervention.

3. Customisable Overlay Options: With a simple push of a button, overlay your timestamps in one of four colours—yellow, black, red, or white—on any corner of your video frame.

4. Camera Sync Option: Unlock even more precision with the Camera Sync (-CS) feature, enabling phase lock to your time reference, be it GPS or IRIG, and synchronise it to your camera’s image format and frame rate.

5. Durable and Compact: Housed in an IPC 67 qualified enclosure and weighing just over 900 grams, the 6041K is rugged, weather-tolerant, and designed for demanding environments.

6. Ultra-Low Latency: Forget about processing delays; with a latency less than 2 microseconds, you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

7. Truly Plug-and-Play: Designed for a ‘set and forget’ experience, this device is as user-friendly as it gets.


Key Features of the KLV Microsecond Timestamp Inserter at a Glance:

  • 1-Channel plug-and-play HD-SDI video time-stamper
  • Synchronisation options with both internal 12-channel GPS receiver and external IRIG B time reference
  • SMPTE/MISB compliant Microsecond Timestamp (KLV metadata packet) with 1-microsecond accuracy
  • Overlay colour choices for timestamps
  • Tri-level camera synchronisation for phase lock to the time reference
  • Built for rugged environments with an IPC 67 enclosure
  • Exceptionally low processing latency
  • Timestamps are inserted on VANC Line 9 (Microsecond Timestamp) and VANC line 21 (SMPTE)


Still wondering if the 6041K is right for you? Contact us today to discuss how this ground breaking KLV Microstamp Timecode Inserter can redefine your video synchronisation and timestamping experience. Experience what ‘precision’ truly means with the EON Kronos HD Model 6041K.


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