MIL-STD Miniature IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8S

The 6115G-8AD is a MIL-STD qualified miniature IRIG B Timecode Generator with a 12 channel GPS receiver and event trigger input. It generates IRIG B122 and IRIG B022 timecode outputs, position and other information via RS-232 port.

This model meets the environmental requirements of an E-2C Aircraft.

The ITS Model 6115G-8S is a MIL-STD miniature IRIG B Timecode Generator that provides AC and DC IRIG B timecode Outputs.

The internal timecode generator is synchronized with UTC time derived from GPS and or an IRIG B reference input as selected by the operator. However, if the signal is lost the 6115G-8S will automatically switch to an internal clock and continue creating the output IRIG B signal. No massive change in the IRIG Output will occur during this transition.

Firstly, the 12 channel GPS receiver automatically acquires all in view satellites on power up. It locks the internal IRIG B timecode generator to the GPS time reference. If no GPS signal is present, the unit may be locked to an applied IRIG B time reference (via time zone offset). The internal clock has a battery backup. Therefore, it maintains time during power interruptions.

Secondly, the 6115G-8S has a asynchronous RS-232C port. It enables configuring of the unit as well as reading the time, event and location information. The output messages for time, location and events are individually controlled and may be set to OFF or AUTO. When set to AUTO messages are sent at one second intervals. A self-installing utility program for setting up the unit on Windows via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided.

The 6115G-8S is housed in an aluminium enclosure designed to meet shock, vibration and EMI requirements of Defence Aircraft. With all controls, connectors and indicators on the front panel. It is 19cm long x 10.80cm wide and 3.68cm high.

Features of the MIL-STD Miniature IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8S include:

  • Time reference input IRIG B
  • IRIG B122 timecode generator
  • IRIG B022 timecode generator
  • 12 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Also UTC time mark output
  • Event trigger input
  • Outputs time, latitude and longitude via serial port
  • Battery backed up internal clock
  • Time offset input via serial port
  • MIL-STD Shock, Vibration and Shielding for Aircraft Non Volatile Memory


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Lastly, EON Instrumentation purchased the ITS Product line of HD-SDI and Analog Video Inserters, Time Code Generators & Displays, Video Recorders, Encoders and Controllers.  Firstly, this will expand their current Video System Architecture product line to include flight test through mission system production.  Also, manufactured and customised under EON’s AS9100D Quality System in the USA


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