Amplified Input USB Solution – USB320

The USB320 is USB Universal Signal Conditioner Module which supports sensor inputs such as ± 10 VDC, 0-30 mA, ±400 mV/V type inputs. No need for external power supply as the PC power supplied through a USB bus, providing 12 VDC / 1W excitation voltage to the sensor.

The output is digitised up to 4,800 SPS and processed by a microprocessor using the integrated high resolution (24 bits) analog to digital converter (ADC). The USB integration works hand in hand with SENSIT Test and Measurement software, which allows users to monitor the actual output of the sensor in real-time. Also works with LabView® and Visual Studio.

The FUTEK USB320 is a USB Universal Signal Conditioner Module.

Firstly, it can be paired with various sensor types such as String Pot Position Sensors, Rotary Torque Sensors and DC LVDT Displacement Transducers. Plus, the FUTEK developed DLL Libraries of the SENSIT Test and Measurement Software allow the USB320 to work with other software. Items such as LabView® and Visual Studio.

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Other outstanding features includes:

  • USB 2.0 Communication Link
  • USB Bus Powered (5V) through the PC USB Port
  • Supports ±10 VDC and ±400 mV/V type inputs
  • Supply 12 VDC to the sensor (1W Max. Power)
  • Input/Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Automatics Streaming ASCII Output
  • Offered with DLL/Mac
  • Dynamic Library CE Approved


USB Universal Signal Conditioner Module USB320



Output TypeInput TypeMounting TypeHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cm



USBVDCInline1.27 cm5.08 cm2.54 cm


USBmAInline1.27 cm5.08 cm2.54 cm



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