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ADLINK is a leading developer of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).  They are providing powerful capabilities with their development kits and high end AI based systems, that are fully compatible with both ROS and ROS 2.  Therefore, enabling full access to hundreds of open source robotic algorithms, for achieving rapid development of products for faster time-to-market.

What is AMR?

Firstly, AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robots.  And it is the next generation of Automated Guide Vehicle Systems which are smarter and have more flexibility.  Swarm Robotic Systems are being developed which is a collection of AMR Robots that are used to perform repeated menial tasks.  Therefore, this ultimately reduces the labour costs in businesses and that is why in industries such as logistics, medicine, agriculture and mining are so interested.

About ADLINK’s ROS 2 Robotic Solutions

ADLINK’s AMR Robot Solutions enable users to develop complex robotic applications with minimal cost. Yet, whilst receiving the benefits of various AI Engines due to ADLINK’s flexible hardware systems, development environments and evolving data distribution service.

AMR Robot Applications highlighting ADLINK Capability

The benefits of using ADLINK for your AMR Robot requirements:

Simplified System Integration – Rich tool/Module Portfolios and ROS/ROS2 Compatible environments which make it easy to integrate application requirements across multiple hardware, software package and service types.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – End to End Expenditure from expected costs of service, repair and warranty can be decreased significantly.

Enhanced Communications – System wide communications connect multiple devices via DDS


ADLINK AMR Robot Product Range:

For Enterprise users seeking a quick entry into the Robotics Enabled Market:



Roscube-I Starter Kit

AMR Robot ROSCube for AI and High EndROSCube AMR Robot Open Source AMR Robot Computer

High End AI Based Autonomous Application

Mainstream Robotics Application

Mini-ITX and open source software delivers full ROS / ROS 2 Functionality


For Developers looking for development opportunities with open source capability



ROS Training Courses

AI and ROS Development KitRobotic DevelopmentRobotic Open Source Training Courses

ROS and AI Rapid Development Kit based kit on SMARC

Rapid Robotic Development and demo kit based on ROS / ROS 2

ROS Development Training

Finally for more information on this product range, contact us or watch the video below.


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