Analog Input Module 12-bit A/D IP320A

The IP320A in an Analog Input Industry Pack Module and it monitors 20 differential or 40 single ended input channels. It has a choice of three selectable input ranges (±5V, ±10V 0-10V). Individual 12-Bit Digital Analog Converters are on each channel supporting throughput rates of up to 200KHz.

Used mainly in embedded computing applications and attaches to an IP-Carrier board to provide greater flexibility and power to the computing system.

The Acromag IP320A is an Industry Pack Analog Input Module with a 12 bit A/D Converter. It monitors 20 differential or 40 single ended input channels. However, a carrier card that holds four IP modules, 160 inputs can be achieved.  From a single card cage slot. The software allows you to customise the input voltage on a channel by channel basis.

The control register offers further flexibility with the option of single or differential inputs and controlled channel selection. Software or external triggers activate synchronisation of data acquisition to external events.

Features of the Analog Input Module with 12-bit A/D IP320A include:

  • 20 differential or 40 single-ended inputs
  • 12-bit, successive approximation A/D converter (ADC) with an 4.5µS. conversion time.
  • Also 200K samples per second maximum system throughput rate
  • Three dip switch-selectable input ranges: -5 to 5V, -10 to 10V, and 0 to 10V
  • As well as programmable gains of 1, 2, 4, and 8
  • Built-in calibration references 0 to 70°C (IP320A) or -40 to 85°C (IP320AE model)
  • Software or external hardware inputs can trigger A/D conversions for synchronization to external events.
  • On-board, precision voltage references enable accurate software calibration of the module without external instruments.
  • The module supports both “wait” states (generated by the IP module) and “hold” states (generated by the carrier board).


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