Automotive Pedal Force Sensor – LAU200

The LAU200 is an Automatic Pedal Force load cell ideally for Automotive Applications designed to measure the load applied to the brake, accelerator and clutch during acceleration, deceleration and changing gears.

Made from 17-4PH Stainless Steel with a low profile design and off centre loading error of <4% offers impressive tolerances.

The FUTEK LAU200 Series in an Automotive Pedal Force Sensor.

Firstly, it is suitable for car testing in support of the following standards: SAE J2909 Light Vehicle Dry & Wet Stopping Distance Test Procedure (Brake Testing); ECE R13H Provisions for passenger cars braking; ISO 7975 Passenger Cars braking in a turn – open loop test method.

The Pedal force sensor comes with a removable mounting plate and includes a Lemo mating connector with PVC cable. Plus, like FUTEK’s other Load Cell product lines it uses metal foil strain gauge technology.  For more information, contact us.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Ideal for Automotive Applications involving accelerator or clutch testing
  • Ideal for Aerospace Applications involving pedal force testing
  • Strain Gauge Based Force Sensor
  • Low Profile Height force measurement applications
  • Removable Mounting Plate and includes Lemo mating connector


LAU200 Automotive Pedal Force Sensor


Load CapacityThread sizeOuter Diameter cm.Height in cm.Length in cm.Width in cm.

Connection Types


444.822N#6-325.03 CM0.97 cm5.03 cm5.03 cmCable & Connector


1334.47N#6-325.03 CM0.97 cm5.03 cm5.03 cm

Cable & Connector

QSH021941500N#6-325.03 CM0.97 cm5.03 cm5.03 cm




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