Battery Boxes

Gresham’s range of Battery Boxes use valve regulation to support ships’ essential DC supplies via output circuit breakers.  They come in various sizes and can have a lifetime of  7-10yrs.  These battery boxes are durable and provide military grade power conversion. As a result, they are perfect for rugged environments of naval ships.

Gresham’s range of Battery Boxes are lead acid batteries that use valve regulation to support ships’ essential DC supplies via output circuit breakers.  These battery boxes come in various sizes to meet required loads and autonomy times.  Additionally, BBs also come with a 24V nominal capacity dependant on autonomy time.  For example, autonomy times are typically 5min, 30min or 1hr.  They also have a specified lifetime of 7-10yrs when used at 20°C.  Please note that BBs should run at an operating temperature range of 20 to 25deg C.

Finally, equipment can withstand ship motion without damage or degradation of performance or spillage of fluids.  This includes sea action due to weather or accelerations and velocities deriving from deliberate ship manoeuvres.

Features of Gresham’s Battery Boxes Include:

  • Valve Regulated
  • Lead Acid
  • Nominal voltage: 24V
  • Nominal Capacity dependant on autonomy time, typically 5min, 30min or 1hr
  • Specified lifetime 7-10yrs at 20°C.
  • Recommended normal operating temperature range 20 to 25degC.
  • 15g (25ms half sine) shock threshold.  Use shock mounts for shock levels in excess of 15g.
  • Meet shipboard vibration requirements. Typically: 5 to 33Hz +/- 0.125mm
  • Equipment designed to comply with the requirements of Def Stan 59- 411. Emissions and susceptibility (Below deck limits)
  • Ambient temperature can range from 0°C to + 45°C. Batteries are temperature dependent and should operate at a nominal ambient temperature of 20°C.

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