COM Express Type 6 Carrier Card ACEX-4600

The ACEX-4600 is a COM Express Type 6 Carrier Card has a range of features that are essential for successful deployment in rugged environments of Defence and Industrial Applications.

It supports Type 6 COM Express Module and contains Single or Dual PMC / XMC Sites. Along with high-speed connectors to standard I/O, CPU and other modules.

The Acromag ACEX-4600 is a COM Express Type 6 Development System.

Firstly, access to all signals is provide by the carrier card’s Samtec® SEARAY™ high density connectors. It provides all standard peripheral I/O, CPU and PMC / SMC modules. Plus, this connector offers up to 500 connections and a high speed interface (10Ghz) which supports the Type 6 COM modules. The SEARAY connector supports both board to board and cable interfaces.

Secondly, the carrier cards are ready for conduction cooling. Developers can install a CPU, carrier and expansion boards into a completely sealed enclosure. Acromag has a heat dissipation approach that meets the cooling needs of all these three components. The most vital feature in the onboard DD/DC power supply. The carrier card operates from an external 10-32V DC Power Source. All internal supply voltages are derived from this single power source which is built onto the carrier card.

An engineering design kit is also available from Acromag. It consists of a break out board that routes all I/O signals from the carrier’s high density connector to standard peripheral connectors. Plus production front panels with MIL-DTL-38999 cylindrical connectors and conduction cooling kit prepare the carrier card for field deployment.

Features of the COM Express Type 6 Carrier Card ACEX-4600 include:

  • Carrier Functions
  • Type 6 COM Express module site for compact or basic size processor board
  • Two Mini PCIe sites for I/O expansion
  • Single or dual PMC/XMC sites
  • High-density, high-speed connector for CPU, I/O, and PMC/XMC interface
  • CPU Supported Functions
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • PCIe port x 4
  • Four USB 3.0 ports
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Three Digital Display Interfaces
  • Two SATA III ports Audio Line in/out
  • Two RS232/RS485 serial ports
  • Eight GPIO System temperature sensor (on-board)
  • Two fan control line (on-board)
  • System battery (on-board)
  • Power monitoring LED (on-board)


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