Current/millivolt Input DC Power Transmitter TT336

The TT336 offers DC Current and Voltage Output supported on a single model. Optional DIN rail bus can deliver primary or redundant power to multiple units with out wiring.

It consists of a Multi-range ±20mA or ±500mV input, universal current/voltage output and 12-32V DC power.

The Acromag TT336 is a 4 Wire Current/millivolt Input, DC Power Transmitter. It is part of 4-20mA Isolator selection which contains 4 wires.

Firstly, high voltage isolation separates the input from the output circuit. Therefore, it protects the unit from surges, reduces noise and eliminates ground loop errors.

Secondly, this product is easy to install. It has a convenient USB connection to your PC and Acromag’s Windows configuration software. As well as advanced signal processing capabilities, varied range input and USB programming making it ideal to be used as a temperature measurement device. Therefore, it can withstand harsh industrial environment and operate over a wide temperature range with a low drift.

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Other outstanding features of the Current/millivolt Input DC Power Transmitter include:

  • Easy set up and digital calibration via USB and Windows configuration software
  • Single unit supports unipolar and bipolar input ranges up to ±20mA or ±500mV DC
  • As well as compatible with 0-20A AC Sensor input
  • Universal Output connections supporting ranges up to ±21mA or ±10.5V DC without rewiring
  • 17.5mm unit with pluggable terminals for convenient wiring
  • Accurate, Stable and Reliable
  • Low, Medium and High Filtering which is user selectable
  • Adjustable response time 10ms to 1200ms
  • In addition, supports Reverse-Acting (inverse) output
  • Bus power, local power or both
  • Redundant power ready
  • 1500V input isolation, 3-way (power, input, output)
  • Shock (50g) and Vibration (5g) resistant
  • Mounts on Type T DIN Rail
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 80°/c
  • CE Compliant, UL/cUL Class 1, Div2, ATEX/IECEx Zone 2 approved


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