Are you looking at retrofitting or expanding your systems in your plant or control room?  Are you unsure of the current instrument isolation or the grounding schemes? 

Let me tell you – your safest choice is the Acromag 4 Wire AC/DC Powered Isolators.


These isolators provide 3-way isolation.  Meaning they separate input, output, and power circuits all in one device.  They source current out.  Also, they do not use a separate output power supply.  Their outputs are designed to drive resistive loads.

This means the isolator can be located quite a distance from the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or the Distributed Control System (DCS).  So, it can obtain power from an external AC or DC source.

This source can have a different ground potential than the PLC/DCS or field Device.  Therefore, the power ground must be isolated from both the input and output.  However, across long distances, the ground potential at the sensor is usually different from the power source and PLC or DCS.  So, input to output isolation is required.

These 4 Wire Signal Isolators can isolate 4-20mA control outputs from the PLC or DCS to field actuators.  So, in the case of analog outputs, the PLC/DCS output is wired to the isolator input and isolator output is wired to the field device/actuator.

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