Current Source Power Unit 4115B

Model 4115B offers an alternative method of decoupling of low frequency IEPE sensors. In this mode, the output signal from the sensor is recatalogued to a zero volts bias level by using a DC-couple level shifting circuit. Therefore, effectively summing the amplifier.

The Dytran 4115B is a current source power unit.

Firstly, it contains an AC/DC coupling mode selector switch for situations where DC coupling is not advisable. Such as in thermally unstable environments.

Secondly, a monitor switch allows the monitoring of the sensor bias voltage or the output voltage level of the 4115B with a front panel mounted volt meter. The output voltage when in DC coupling mode can be modified to zero using the front panel 10 turn potentiometer. This voltage may be monitored by the front panel meter switching to output metering mode.

Features include:

  • Alternative to DC coupling mode in systems with low frequency responses
  • AC/DC Coupling mode
  • Monitor Switching
  • Zero adjustable potentiometer


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Current Source Power Unit 4115B

4115BAdjustable current, AC/DC coupled, buffered output, zero adjustable, BNC jack input connector, BNC jack output connector


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