DC Current/Voltage Modbus Output Modules 917MB 918MB

These modules provide four analog output channels as well as four discrete outputs for on/off control. The isolation function separates output, power and network circuits. Whilst the network communication adheres to industry standard RS-485 Modbus RTU Protocol.

The Acromag 917MB 918MB are DC Current/Voltage Modbus RTU output Modules with discrete outputs.

Firstly, network communication is achieved through the industry standard RS-485 Modbus RTU protocol.

Secondly, the AC and DC power sources are supported with non polarised, diode coupled terminals. The analog outputs generate a signal based on communication from the host. Therefore, they accommodate wide DC voltage or current ranges. External devices have a simple on off switching capability due to the discrete outputs. Due to the combination of analog outputs, on/off controllers and a network interface in a single package, this instrument is powerful. The multi channel design makes it cost efficient and allows high density monitoring. It is rugged and reliable for control room and distributed field I/O use in a broad range of temperature control applications.

917MB offers 4 current output channels with 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20 mA and 0 to1 mA DC.

Whilst the 918MB offers 4 voltage output channels with 0 to 10V, 0 to 5V and 0 to 1V DC.

Features of the DC Current/Voltage Modbus-RTU Output Modules 917MB 918MB include:

  • Standard Modbus RTU protocol with high-speed RS-485 communication (up to 115K bps)
  • 12-bit D/A yields 0.1% of span resolution and accuracy
  • Four outputs in a single inch-wide module
  • Four discrete outputs enable host-controlled on/off switching
  • Heavy-duty 1A solid-state relays provide dependable on/off control of industrial devices
  • Self-calibration lowers maintenance costs by reducing periodic manual calibration checks
  • Watchdog timers provide a configurable failsafe output state for use when host I/O communication is lost
  • Three-way isolation eliminates potential ground loops between power, output and network circuitry
  • Self-diagnostics monitor microcontroller activity to detect operational failures (lock-up) and execute a reset to restore communication
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to 60°C, limit 917MB ambient to 50°C maximum for supply voltages less than 15V


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