DC Voltage Current Input Transmitters 611T 612T

These units receive DC current or voltage input signals, provide isolation and output proportional DC current or voltage signals. Both signal isolator models provide high voltage isolation between input, output and power (3-way).

On dual channel units, each channel operates independently with inputs isolated from each other to prevent interaction between channels.

The Acromag 611T and 612T are DC Voltage / Current Input Transmitters is part of our signal isolators range by Acromag.  This product is perfect for applications that require an isolator with a power supply in series with the output signal.

This signal isolator accepts ±100V DC, 0 to 100mA DC and 0 to 20A AC (with optional sensor) inputs.  It also produces 0 to 20mA or 0 to 10V DC Outputs. With support for universal DC I/O ranges, the 610T Series transmitters provide a solution for a wide variety of isolation and signal conversion tasks. As a result, these signal isolators are ideal for panel shops and those end users who require a signal conditioner that can accommodate a broad range of instrumentation applications.

Secondly, by using a standard calibrator the 610T’s internal microcontroller can automatically sense the input source type (voltage or current). It then selects the best performance range for your zero and full scale input values. Therefore, to adjust output values, simply push the up or down buttons on the front panel until the desired output signal on your meter is achieved.  Furthermore, for easy trouble shooting, each channel has diagnostic LEDs to identify input over / under range conditions.  Finally, Additional status LEDs indicate the signal isolator is operating properly.

Other features of the DC Voltage Current Input Transmitters 611T 612T include:

  • Universal DC input and output ranges offer flexibility to fit many applications
  • Also auto-configuration and self-ranging technologies speed installation without pots, switches, jumpers, or software
  • Optical isolation eliminates ground loops, reduces noise, and blocks transient signals
  • Push-button calibration simplifies field adjustments for faster and easier maintenance
  • Configuration lockout safety feature prevents tampering and accidental changes
  • As well as reverse-acting output capability enables inverse proportional control signals
  • Each input channel can drive two outputs (a voltage and a current output signal)
  • Dual channel model saves space and reduces equipment costs
  • High-resolution sigma-delta A/D converters deliver superior accuracy for reliable measurements.
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 70°C


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