Development Carrier Board MXC-FGX-TK1-CARRIER

The MXC-FGX-TK1-CARRIER is a MXC Carrier board for use as a development tool. The MXC module is seated on the carrier board. Metromatics proudly offers local customer sales, technical support and service for this product in Australia and New Zealand.

The WOLF MXC-FGX-TK1-CARRIER (WOLF-0305) is a carrier development board based on a MXC format.

Firstly, this carrier board provides connectors for SDI inputs and outputs as well as other data ports.

Key Features of the Development Carrier Board MXC-FGX-TK1-CARRIER are:

  • Fully compatible with MXC-FGX-TK1
  • 500 pin connector for the MXC module
  • Power connector on the carrier board
  • Video Input and Output Connectors
  • Other Data ports


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