XMC 4K Video Converter XMC-FGX2-SDI-4IO

WOLF’s Model XMC-FGX2-SDI-4IO is the next generation of frame grabbing technology. Introducing support for 4K and distributed video which is captured, converted and transmitted.

As well as maintaining support for legacy analog systems.

Available in rugged conduction cooled or air-cooled versions.

The WOLF XMC-FGX2-SDI-4IO (WOLF-3180) is a XMC Frame Grabbing, 4K Video Converter.

Firstly, this module has 8 times the processing speed compared to the previous generation of FGX with a much higher channel count density. This version also includes CoaXPress camera inputs.

Secondly, it contains 8 x PCIe Gen 3 with 7.66 GB/s in each direction and an optional 8Gb DDR4 RAM for additional app support. The FGX2 is available on several WOLF products which target different price points and performance capabilities.

Key Features of the XMC Frame Grabbing, 4K Video Converter XMC-FGX2-SDI-4IO are:

  • Frame Grabber eXtreme 2 (FGX2) capture, convert and transmit engine of Video up to 4K
  • Two CoaXpress inputs up to CXP-6 2 x 12G-SDI Inputs and up to 4 x 12G-SDI outputs
  • Up to 3 x analog inputs, 1 x VGA output and 2 x HD (1080p60) DP inputs
  • Low operating power 12 to 25W


The rugged graphics switch module performs in rugged environments and is available in an Air-Cooled or Conduction Cooled versions. Operating in temperatures from -40° to +85°C, 10G Vibration, 40G (Conduction Cooled)/ 30G (Air Cooled) Shock.

Learn how this product was part of the eXternal Vision System (XVS) for the NASA X-59 Quiet SuperSonic X-Plane.  It was able to nearly replicate human eyesight for pilots without a traditional windshield.  Integrating multiple video feeds into a nearly real time video display meeting image processing and display requirements in conditions that push the limits of sound.  Read the article from NASA.

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