VPX3U Graphics Card VPX3U-RTX5000E-16PCIE

WOLF’s Model VPX3U-RTX5000E-16PCIE includes both NVIDIA Quadro Turing GPU and configurable PCIe Gen 4 switch for High Performance Computing. This module has a default profile suitable for SOSA payload application 14.6.13.

With its impressive processing power, it is an excellent choice for Aerospace and Defence Applications. Such as AI Inference and advanced parallel processing capabilities.

Available in a conduction cooled version.

The WOLF VPX3U-RTX5000E-16PCIE (WOLF-134C) is a 3U VPX Video and Graphics Card.

Firstly, PCIe Gen4 switch supports up to 16 lanes using the P1B connection and P2A connector. Therefore, data sent to and from the GPU via the switch allows access to the Turing GPU’s advanced parallel and AI inference processing capabilities. With an optional fibre to PCIe interface also available.

One important feature of this solution is that it uses WOLF’s advanced cooling technology. This removes the heat using a low weight, high efficiency pipeline from the GPU die to the wedge locks.

Key Features of the VPX3U Video and Graphics Card VPX3U-RTX5000E-16PCIE are:

  • NVIDIA Quadro Turing TU104 GPU, 10.9 TFLOPs peak performance, 3072 CUDA Cores, 384 Tensor Cores
  • SOSA Aligned with support for SOSA payload slot profile 14.6.13
  • PCIe interface up to Gen4, up to x16 on P1/P2
  • Module power configurable from 60 to 190W
  • Peak performance is theoretical and limited, based on power configuration


The rugged graphics module performs in rugged environments and is available in a Conduction Cooled version. Operating in temperatures from -40° to +85°C, 10G Vibration, 40G Shock.

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