Digital I/O Modules

Today’s Defence and Industrial Applications require COTS Digital I/O Modules that have the ability to input and output digital signals in parallel to an embedded computer. It makes it possible to monitor (read) the statuses of critical measuring devices as well as the relays and operation of switches of various types of important control circuits.

Acromag’s Digital I/O Modules deliver this and more. Acromag’s modules are available in industrial modular computer standards such as PMC, PCI, IndustryPack, and CompactPCI

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Acromag’s COTS Digital I/O Modules are high speed, high resolution and feature rich.

Another alternative – is the Acromag AcroPack Product line. Acromag has updated their popular Industry Pack I/O Modules by using a mPCIe interface format. They added 19mm and a 100 pin connector to provide up to 50 isolated rear I/O signals. This is a super small foot print without cabling.

Learn more about the models below or contact us.

PMC Digital I/O Boards

PCI Digital I/O Modules

Industry Pack Digital I/O Modules

Digital I/O Modules PMCDigital I/O Modules PCIDigital I/O Modules IP
PMC Digital I/O Boards

  • interface TTL
  • monitor and control up to 32, 40 or 64 devices
  • change of state/level interrupts
  • operating temperature from 0-70⁰C or -45-85⁰C

to an embedded computer system

Acromag’s PCI Digital Modules have

  • TTL Compatible thresholds;
  • programmable change of state/level interrupts
  • Available in 40 I/O Channels (24 differential/16 TTL) or 64 TTL Digital Input and Output Channels
  • CE Marked, FCC Part 15, Class B

and much more

Acromag’s Industry Pack Modules are available with

  • 24- up to 48 channels available in various configurations
  • Such as Input only, bi-directional, port isolated and differential
  • Input range of 0 to 60V DC or 0 to 60V AC/DC
  • all are TTL Compatible.
PMC400 Series – PMC Digital I/O BoardsAPC400 Series – PCI Digital I/O BoardsIP400 Series – Digital Input Modules, Digital Output Modules, or Digital Input/Output Modules

CompactPCI Digital I/O Modules

Digital I/O Modules
CompactPCI Digital I/O Boards interface TTL with a choice of two models.

  • Digital I/O Module differential – 24 differential I/O, 16 TTL I/O, 4×16 bit Counter/Timers
  • Digital I/O & Counter/Timer – 64 Digital I/O, 16 Counter Tjmer Channels with 6 operating modes.

AcPC 400 Series – CompactPCI Digital I/O Boards


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