Electricity Substation Server ES373S17

The ES373S17 is a Rugged Electricity Substation Server that is powered by Intel and provides long lasting, high performance computing in intense conditions of remote locations.

It allows critical power grid capabilities such as constant monitoring, real time alerts, automation and remote management for power generation, transmission, and distribution to flow smoothly.

VMware Validated Solution.

The Crystal Group ES373S17 is an Electricity Substation Server that is essential for protecting energy resources.  Firstly, this product is housed in a Rugged Chassis.  Meaning that it can withstand extreme climates, weather conditions, temperature, moisture and dust.  That remote Power Substations are often exposed to.

The ES373S17 uses Intel Cascade Lake CPUs, 768GB of memory and thermal management in a  rugged chassis that is 17” Rackmountable.  It is also offering versatility with by supporting up to 9 SSDs and is expandable with 7 slots.

Designed to protect your investment, this rugged server delivers reliable, long-life performance, limits maintenance demands, and maximises system uptime for a low total cost of ownership.

Secondly, Crystal Group’s products are proven and trusted by Military and Industry leaders for Defence, Aerospace, Industrial and Critical Infrastructure applications.  Their equipment is also used by Foreign Militaries world wide including Australia.  Metromatics have been proudly selling and supporting the Crystal Group product range in Australia and New Zealand for over 10 years.

This model is a VMware Validated Solution.  Therefore, updating substations with a software-defined control system will deliver significant benefits.  Now and over the long term to both utilities and their customers. By providing the ability to monitor and manage substation performance in real time.  Utilities can make system adjustments or issue critical updates on demand to one or several sites from a centralized location.  Therefore, saving valuable time, resources and costs, while keeping power generation, transmission and distribution flowing smoothly and without interruption.  To learn more about the VMware Validate Solution, click here.

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Other features of the Electricity Substation Server ES373S17 include:

  • Lightweight Aluminium construction at 16 to 18.2 Kgs
  • 17” Server mounted using Delrin Glides
  • Up to 768GB of Memory
  • Supporting up to 9 SSDs
  • Expandable with seven slots
  • Intel® Cascade Lake CPUs
  • Modular I/O


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