EtherCAT Accessories

Dewesoft EtherCAT Accessories provide interconnection, power and synchronisation between Dewesoft EtherCAT DAQ systems.  They are rugged, durable and have an IP67 degree of protection.

They are perfect for defence applications and rugged environments.

Dewesoft EtherCAT Accessories provide interconnection, power and synchronisation between Dewesoft EtherCAT DAQ systems. This includes accessories such as: EtherCAT power injectors, sync junctions and repeaters. These accessories are indispensable for EtherCAT DAQ systems. To top things off, they are rugged and have an IP67 degree of environmental protection making them perfect for rugged environments and defence applications as a result.

ECAT Power Injector

The ECAT Power Injector is a power injector for EtherCAT measurement chain. This device easily works using a single cable for power, data and synchronisation. Furthermore, each cable can span up to 100 meters between DAQ nodes. This product also injects additional power into each EatherCAT measurement in order to combat the loss of power caused by resistance in cables. To do this, users need only connect the EtherCAT chain as they would any DAQ module. The ECAT power injector will then inject and supply fresh power to all the DAQ nodes that follow it.


The ECAT power junction connects any EtherCAT data acquisition device with a power supply and PC computers using the RJ45 Ethernet Port. This includes devices like KRYPTONorSIRIUS.


The ECAT Sync Junction synchronises Dewesoft EtherCAT DAQ devices with USB-based DAQ systems such as a KRYPTON to SIRIUS .

Note: if you are connecting the above configuration to any of Dewesoft’s data processing computers or data acquisition systems like SBOX,R4,R8,MINITAURs,IOLITE rack, then the synchronisation junction box is not required, because it is integrated directly in the systems.


The ECAT GPS junction also synchronises a USB and EtherCAT based DAQ device. This product uses GPS as a synchronisation as a time source and has a built-in 10Hz GPS receiver and connecter. As a result, it can connect to GPS and IRIG-B-DC time code signals. Furthermore, the built-in GPS receiver can also record positioning.


The EtherCAT Repeater is used to extend EtherCAT hybrid cables to allow a maximum connection of two 50 metre long cables. It also increases connection stability for EtherCAT systems with distances measuring 50 metres or more between units. This is a rugged inline device. It has an IP67 rating and adheres to the MIL-STD-810D standard. Furthermore, it also has a Lemo 1T Series 8-pin male connector on the IN port and a female connector on the OUT port.


The DS-HUBe7 is an EtherCAT HUB for up to 7 EtherCAT devices. This hub uses a Beckhoff CU1128 EtherCAT junction.

Furthermore, the DS-HUBe7 features the same chassis form factor as the SIRIUS modular line of DAQ systems. As a result, the front panel has eight standard 8-pin LEMO connectors. The first connector is for the EtherCAT input (IN) while the other 7 connectors are for EtherCAT outputs (OUT).

Finally, the back panel also includes two standard 2-pin LEMO connectors for the power supply. This product has an input voltage for POWER SUPPLY is 9-36 V DC. The DS-HUBe7 is useful for large systems with parallel EtherCAT chains.

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