Ethernet Analog 12-Channel Input Modules 963EN 964EN

The 963EN and 964EN Modules provide an isolated Ethernet network interface fox twelve analog input channels. The multi range inputs accept signals from a variety of sensors and devices.

Whilst providing high resolution, low noise, A/D converters which deliver high accuracy and reliability.

The Acromag 963EN and 964EN are Ethernet Analog 12-Channel Input Modules. The 963EN consists of 12 DC Current Input Channels. Whilst, the 964EN consists of 12 DC Voltage Input Channels.

Features of the Ethernet Analog 12-Channel Input Modules 963EN 964EN include:

  • Standard web browser configuration
  • EtherNet/IP or Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP communication with automatic 10/100Mbps data rate negotiation 12 inputs provides a low cost per channel option
  • Universal DC inputs support a variety of sensors
  • The high resolution 16 bit sigma delta A/D converters provides accurate measurements
  • Compact packaging with pluggable terminals is space saving and simplifies wiring
  • Wide operational temperate range allows installation in hostile environments.


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