ADC DAC Converter

The XMC730 is a high-density XMC module that performs both high-speed and high resolution A/D and D/A conversion.  It provides a variety of I/O functions in a single plug in card.  Such as handling digital I/O and time/counter functions.  Feature rich.  Conserves I/O Slots.  Available in a Conduction Cooled Version.


The XMC730 is a XMC ADC and DAC Converter that also handles digital I/O and timer/counter functions.

XMC Mezzanine Modules


Features & Benefits

Analogue Inputs
  • 16 differential  (±10.24V, ±10.0V, ±5.12V, ±5.0V, 0 to 10.24V, 0 to 10.0V, 0 to 5.12V ranges)
  • 16-bit ADC with integral sample-and-hold and reference
  • 1.264μS conversion time (791KHz rate)
  • 1026 sample FIFO buffer
  • Programmable FIFO threshold conditions for interrupts, DMA transfers, and flags
  • User-programmable channel conversion sequence and timing
  • External trigger input or output
  • Acromag Factory calibration constants stored in on-board flash memory for error correction


Analogue Outputs
  • Eight analogue output channels (±3V, ±5V, ±10V, -2.5 to +7.5V, 0-5V, and 0-10V ranges)
  • Individual 16-bit DACs per channel with 7.5μS settling time
  • Flexible operating mode, trigger, and memory allocation
  • Configurable for direct access, single burst, continuous, or streaming (FIFO) output
  • Reliable software calibration with coefficients stored on-board
  • FIFO for waveform generation
  • Interrupt on user-programmable FIFO threshold
  • Shared 64K x 16-bit sample memory


Digital I/O
  • 16 bidirectional input/output channels (direction configured in 8-channel groups)
  • TTL-compatible thresholds
  • Programmable change-of-state/level interrupts
  • Failsafe power-up and system reset



• Multi-function 32-bit counter/timer
– Quadrature Position measurement
– Pulse Width modulation
– Watchdog timer
– Event counter
– Frequency measurement
– Pulse-width or period measurement

  • One-shot and repetitive one-shot pulse waveform generation
  • Programmable interface polarity
  • Internal or external triggering
  • CMOS compatible thresholds



• DMA transfer support to move data between module memory and PCIe bus
• Software development tools for VxWorks®, Linux®, and Windows® environments



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