Ethernet Discrete I/O Modules NT2130

The NT2130 Modules offer Ethernet Discrete I/O channels using six 5A mechanical relays and six discrete inputs. The NTE Ethernet I/O models provide a network interface to monitor or control discrete device levels.

Plus the NTX expansion models interface up to 24 relays and 24 level sensing inputs on a single IP address.

The Acromag NT2130 provides Ethernet Discrete I/O Modules.

Firstly, the modules are part of the Acromag BusWorks NT2000 Series family. This is a cost effective and modular solution for Ethernet Remote I/O Systems.

There are two components to this series. The NTE Ethernet Models (which the NT2130 is) provide the protocol interface and the I/O signal processing channels. The NTX Expansion modules add extra I/O channels when paired to any NTE Ethernet Communication module. Therefore, the NT2130 modules offer six 5A mechanical relays and six discrete inputs for monitoring or controlling discrete device levels. Then the appending NTX expansion model can be added to interface up to 24 relays and 24 level sensing inputs on a single IP address.

Applications include on/off monitoring and control of motors, pumps, lights, heaters, fans or open/close status of valves, doors and gates.

Finally an isolated RS-485 links up to three expansion modules to the Ethernet module with connectors that join the DIN rail. This internal NT bus distributes power and communication between the modules. Allow users to mix analog, temperature and discrete I/O modules across the NT bus. Acromag’s i2o messaging technology enables direct peer to peer or multicast communication between remote modules without a master controller.

Features of the 16-bidirectional discrete Ethernet I/O Modules NT2120 include:

  • Configured over Ethernet with web browser
  • Expandable I/O capacity, up to 60 I/O channels of mixed signal types on one IP address
  • Field-selectable Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, or Profinet communication i2o peer-to-peer or multicast communication
  • Also dual RJ45 ports enable daisy chain topology
  • High power SPST Form A relays switch 30V DC or 240V AC at currents up to 5A
  • As well as active high inputs support TTL thresholds and up to 32V DC
  • Configurable counter/timers and totalisation
  • *OPC-UA, *MQTT and *RESTful API IIoT support
  • Conditional logic for rule-based I/O operation
  • Advanced *alarm and *data logging functions
  • 1500V isolation between I/O, network, and power
  • As well as thin 25mm housing with pluggable terminals
  • Wide temperature operation (-40 to 70°C)


* coming soon consult the factory.

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