Ethernet Modbus C Library Software ESW-MBLIB

The Modbus C Library Software simplifies development of programs used to interface the Acromag BusWorks and EtherStax Ethernet I/O Products. This library supports any standard Ethernet Modbus slave device that communicates via Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol.

The Acromag ESW-MBLIB is the Ethernet Modbus C Library Software is ideal for those developers unfamiliar with Modbus protocol or the framing of TCP/IP or UDP/IP messages.

Firstly, the C library makes programming easy and portable. Achieved by simply linking the user code with provided function calls. Most function calls require passing only a few parameter such as the IP address, Modbus register address and register count.

Secondly, included with this software is an example program. This program is menu driven to help users build Modbus TCP/IP and UDP/IP commands. Menu selections allow users to configure, read and write Ethernet I/O slave devices such as BusWorks and EtherStax products.

Features of Ethernet Modbus C Library Software ESW-MBLIB include:

  • Library of function routines simplify communication with I/O modules
  • Function calls provided for a variety of operating systems
  • C source code supplied D
  • emonstration program included
  • Saves development time
  • Ideal for use with Acromag’s BusWorks and EtherStax I/O modules
  • Compatible with any standard Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP device


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