Frequency / Pulse / PWM Input Transmitter TT239

The TT239 model is a two wire transmitter that isolates and converts a frequency, pulse or pulse width modulation (PWM) input to a proportional 4-20mA Signal. Allowing you to measure the input frequency or the duty cycle.

Power is received from the output loop current or a DC supply when using a three wire connection.

The Acromag TT239 is a Frequency / Pulse / PWM Input Transmitter.

Firstly, this 2-Wire transmitter accepts multi range 0Hz to 100KHz frequency Inputs or 0Hz to 3KHz PWM Inputs. It them provides proportional 4-20mA output using 12-32V DC Loop Power Source.

Secondly, High-voltage isolation separates the input from the output circuit. Isolation protects from surges, reduces noise, and eliminates ground loop errors. Setup and calibration are fast and easy. With a convenient USB connection to your PC and Acromag’s Windows configuration software. Acromag recommend using a USB Isolator for calibrating this transmitter.

Finally, with advanced signal processing capabilities, variable range input, and convenient USB programming make this instrument a very versatile frequency measurement device. These transmitters can withstand harsh industrial environments and operate reliably across a wide temperature range with very low drift. They feature RFI, EMI, ESD, EFT, and surge protection plus low radiated emissions.

Features of the Frequency / Pulse / PWM Input Transmitter TT239 includes:

  • Easy setup and digital calibration via USB with Windows configuration software
  • Measures frequency or duty cycle and interfaces many input types up to 100KHz
  • Accepts input amplitudes up to 120Vrms (±170V DC, unipolar or bipolar)
  • Adjustable 0Hz cut-off, sample averaging, debounce, and output update time
  • Software configurable pull-up/down resistors ( 4V DC input pull-up for sensors/transducers)
  • 1500V isolation between input/output circuits
  • Space-saving 12.5mm unit with pluggable terminals for convenient wiring
  • Fast response time and high accuracy
  • Supports normal or reverse-acting output
  • Supports sink or source output wiring
  • NAMUR-compliant output loop current
  • Shock (25g) and vibration (4g) resistant
  • Wide ambient operation (-40 to 80°C)
  • CE compliant. UL/cUL Class I Div 2, ATEX / IECEx Zone 2 approvals


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