Ground Aeronautical Telemetry Systems

Lumistar has over 1000 year of hands on experience and a laser focus on the Aeronautical Telemetry Flight Test Market.  They offer world class components and telemetry systems.  In addition, Lumistar understands that no two system applications are the same.  These are the reasons why we’ve partnered with them to bring you Custom Aeronautical Ground Telemetry Systems.  By working along side Lumistar we are able to provide end users with a ground system right for their application at the most competitive price.

Ground Aeronautical Telemetry Systems

Lumistar’s Ground Aeronautical Telemetry Systems are flexible, extensible and configurable.  It also has real time telemetry processing and displays.  Finally, it also comes with the following capabilities:

  • Fixed and Mobile Systems
  • Extensive Subject Matter Expertise
  • Requirements Development
  • Tracking Antenna Subsystems
  • Receiving / Combining / Demod / Bit Sync Subsystems
  • Baseband Telemetry Processing and Real Time Display
  • Data Recording and Playback
  • Network Telemetry over Ethernet
  • RF and Data Simulation for Loopback / Built in test
  • Automated Maintenance Checks
  • Remote Solutions
  • Customer Training and Field Support
  • Logistics Planning Support

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