The Lumistar LS-76-M2 Upconverter provides frequency conversion to a higher frequency.  It does this by using an IF (intermediate frequency) signal as the input signal to create a higher frequency (RF Signal) at the output.  The output RF signal is usually the sum of the IF and the LO Frequency.

Lumistar’s LS-76-M2 Upconverter features:

  • Small foot-print / form factor
  • Four Software Selectable IF Inputs Ports
  • 70MHz IF Upconversion with Eight Bandwidth Selections o 250k, 500k, 1M, 2M, 5M, 10M, 20M and 40MHz
  • Auxiliary IF Input Filtering: 8 Custom Input Filter Selections
  • IF Input Range: 1MHz to 500MHz; 70MHz is Nominal; o Ranges outside of 70MHz are custom, Consult Factory
  • IF Input Power Range: +20 to -50dBm
  • IF Input Support: AGC (non-linear) or AGC Freeze (linear)
  • RF Output Frequency Bands: up to 5 software selectable bands
  • P-Band, CIF- Band, LL-Band, UL-Band, S-Band, NATO E Band, C1, C2, C2E, plus IF bandpass, Custom Bands
  • Number of RF Outputs: One or Two
  • Output Power Level: +20dBm to -92dBm; Software variable
  • Output Power Step Resolution: approx. 0.1dBm
  • Output Power Profile Step Rate: 50usec (typical)
  • Interfaces: RS232 or RS422 Serial, USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet (TCP)
  • Approximate Power Consumption: 18 W
  • Power Input: 9-42VDC
  • Remote Power Shut-Down Signal
  • 10MHz Reference Input/Output Port
  • Optional Discrete IO
  • Internally stored configurations selectable via external discrete signal o Up to 16 available

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