HD SDI Inserters with Metadata timestamping

The ITS SD / HD-SDI Inserters overlay text and cross hairs in 8 colours. They write MISB Metadata time stamps to microsecond accuracy, individually to each channel.

Models are available in single channel, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 channels with various options to meet your requirements.

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The ITS Model 6055C SD / HD SDI Inserters can overlay text and crosshairs in 8 colours. Writes MISB Metadata Timestamps to microsecond accuracy independently on each channel. Supported by GUI (included). Available in single, dual, 4, 6, 8 & 10 Channel configurations with the option to add a full metadata read/write support to suit your requirements.

HD-SDI Inserters

Such as Model 6055C-10GHD-CS provides programmable Tri-level Sync (e.g. Genlock) for channels 1&2. Add TLS support with 6055C-NGHD CS A option. CS includes a programmable TTL strobe output that may be used with data acquisition systems. Option available (6055C-10xHD KL) to add full metadata read/write support. GPS synchronised to 25 nS accuracy. Stratum 3 Option reduces <5 microsecond drift to ride-through time while not synchronised to IRIG or GPS.

ITS Software package that simplifies the use of KLV metadata collection and insertion in HD-SDI video. It organises the collections of sensors and data logger/acquisition systems into a data source. A data source will collect data from each device. Enable the mapping of all or select fields of data from each device to fields of the KLV payload. It will automatically receive device data and populate the KLV payload( up to 2 independent payloads). Then send them via Ethernet to any ITS Metadata/HD Video Inserter or HD Video Recording Instrument. The software is intended for use on any PC running Windows 7 or higher.

Finally, the mounting configuration for the HD-SDI Inserters can be rackmountable, shelf/vehicle mount or other options.

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