HD SDI Recorders for Event Recording

The EON Instrumentation HD-SDI Recorders are video recording instruments with 32 GB embedded DDR3 for event recording and a removable 1TB SSD. There are many configurations to this instrument such as power type, mounting, GPS and Outputs.

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The EON Instrumentation Model 6520 HD SDI Recorders come with a 32GB embedded DDR3 for event recording. With a removable 1TB SSD, that can be configured to meet your requirements.

HD SDI Recorder

Such as Model 6520A-32CS, it consists of a programmable single channel of camera sync (genlock, tri-level sync) synchronised to IRIG or GPS and a TTL programmable strobe for use with a Data Acquisition System. All functions produced by an embedded Webserver user interface (other than MetaData). Full functional control provided by a GUI. It also provides a full command set that a customer can use to build custom control software.

The 6520 includes MISB timestamp write/read/overlay, and support for up to 2 additional KLV metadata packs designed with the EON Instrumentation Software Toolkit (included). The DownloadVideo Software (6250 DLK) enables you to download the Clips. AC or DC input power is available.

6520 DownLoad Kit (DLK) software is a package. It can transfer uncompressed video clips including any metadata from a 6520 Video Recording Instrument over Ethernet under TCP/IP or UDP protocols. Once downloaded, it can transcode it to AVI or MP4 formats. It can play the video forward/backward, slow motion, single step and even seek a specific frame

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